CNN Travel mentioned Wuppertal 

as one of 20 places in the world to visit.


Wuppertal offers an array of interesting places to visit and explore. An industrial city in western Germany may not sound like anyone's idea of the largest and the greenest city in the Bergisch Land and a hilly region in North Rhine-Westphalia. The  inhabitants feel comfortable here and there is lots for tourists to discover. In addition to the vast nature, Wuppertal offers a wide range of cultural events. The city has about 5,000 protected buildings and many points of interests such as staircases and monuments that are worth your visit. There’s an exhibition of 19th-century art at the Von der Heydt-Museum, one of the best concert halls in the world at the Stadthalle, and upmarket quarters like the Briller Viertel and Luisenvietel are brimming with stately architecture.

CNN Travel mentioned Wuppertal as one of 20 places in the world to visit.

>> The Schwebebahn railway in Wuppertal is one of the world's coolest rail systems. Newly repaired in 2019 after a six-month closure, the city's 120-year-old Schwebebahn suspension railway looks like something from the imagination of Jules Verne. It's a steampunk vision of a mass transit system whose iron legs straddle the city's streets and waterways, whisking passengers high over traffic snarl-ups to stations just as sci-fi as the train that connects them. It costs just a few dollars to ride the Schwebebahn, alongside the thousands of commuters that use it daily. <<

Barry Neild, CNN Travel, January 2020

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